NextGen Barcode Configurator from Tactical Controls

We have just finished the development of our NextGen Barcode Configurator System here at Tactical Controls.  The new system we developed is based on hardware platforms from Microscan and Allen-Bradley.  It is very cost effective and can be used to implement labeling verification in any industry that needs to verify the codes.

We used the new MicroHAWK line of Barcode Readers from Microscan, which are based on imaging technology.  The system can interface to both Ethernet and Serial Barcode Readers depending on the needs of the customer.

Here are a few of the benefits of the system when implemented on a production line:

  • Eliminates Operator Error When Configuring Line Equipment
  • Tracks Vital Statistics and Captures Incorrect Codes
  • Enables Tracking of Mislabeled Products
  • Enables Fast Product Changeovers
  • Barcode Teaching over Ethernet or Serial Interfaces

Tactical Controls NextGen Barcode Configurator. from Tactical Controls on Vimeo.

We’ve partnered with Microscan to showcase the NextGen Barcode Configurator.

Written By:

Bruce Gibbens

President of Tactical Controls